Why Combine Agile and Lean?

If you've been watching my writing (and speaking), you've noticed that I like both agile and lean. I like the cadence of milestones and demos that iteration-based agile provides. I like the limiting of work in progress and seeing the whole that lean provides. For me, both are necessary to deliver value.

You might have noticed that I'm big on delivering value, too. I see this in my work, in my clients' work, and in the way people have trouble when they don't deliver value.

In my Practical Product Ownership workshop, I've been talking about rolling wave deliverable planning, and how to see value every day or so. I have an agile and lean project workshop that I've evolved as I teach it. My clients have found  it quite valuable.

If you read Agile and Lean Program Management, you saw that I used the principles of both agile and lean to help “scale” larger efforts.

I'm delivering a one-day version of the agile and lean workshop at PNSQC in October. See Experience Agile and Lean to Deliver Business Value. If you are curious about how to make your projects discover and deliver the promise of agile or lean, please join me.

I'm also writing a book about this. I don't have a good title yet. Andy told me my proposed title was boring. If you have a good title that combines agile and lean for delivering value and creating successful outcomes, please let me know. If you would like to be a reviewer for this book, let me know that too.

In the meantime, look for more posts about combining agile and lean to deliver value. And, please join me at PNSQC. It will be an experiential workshop where you learn by doing. It will be fun!

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