Create Your Successful Agile Project Workshop

Workshop: Create Your Successful Agile (& Lean) Project Workshop

Workshop Objective: After this interactive and experiential workshop, you will be able to work together as a team toward a common goal, steering toward a successful conclusion as you learn new information. You will learn how to deliver a product, using agile and/or lean as your approach.

Workshop Overview: This interactive and experiential workshop teaches you how to envision the project goal and develop a path toward delivering it. You will learn how to start with a roadmap, elaborate that into a product backlog, break the work down into small observable slices at appropriate times. You will learn how to get these to done and measure progress in an to ensure delivery.

You will learn about the ways to limit work in progress: agile and lean, when each is useful, and how to combine them so you can deliver your work regularly. You’ll have a chance to practice on several projects, to see how agile and lean can work for you. We’ll discuss what and how to measure. And, because so few projects proceed according to plan, we will address how to replan when you know more.

This is an experiential workshop. We will work on your projects and implement your features.

This workshop is based on Johanna's book Create Your Successful Agile Project. Each participant will receive an electronic book as part of the workshop.

Target Audience: Project managers, program managers, functional managers, technical leads, product owners, project staff.

Prerequisites: Experience on a project.

Workshop Duration: 2 or 3 days. We address the outline based on the number of days you decide.

Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Do a short simulation to level-set everyone
    2.  Define agile and lean
    3. Explain why agile and lean fit the business needs
  2. Create your agile and lean project
    1.  Create a project charter
    2.  Vision and release criteria
    3.  Product owner and project manager role definition
    4. When you are separated in time and space
    5. Activity
  3. Backlog Preparation
    1. Product roadmap
    2. Rank by business value
    3. Estimate releases
  4. Writing useful user stories
    1. Working together to clarify the intent
    2.  Make stories small
    3. Know the acceptance criteria
    4. Manage technical debt
  5. Organizing teams
    1.  Work through layers
    2. Divide by features
    3. Manage support work
  6. Getting to done
    1.  Estimates that work
    2.  Know what done means
    3.  Demonstrate doneness
  7. Meaningful Measurements
    1.  Velocity, cumulative flow, content charts, burnup
    2.  Where does work hide?
    3.  Predicting releases with burn-up charts
  8. Continuous Improvement
    1. Retrospective
  9. Practice on a project
  10. How to start here: Address the parking lot
  11. Summary and Wrap-up

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