Becoming an Agile Leader, Part 1: Define Your Why

What does it mean to be an agile leader?

Here's what I've seen work:

  • The leader recognizes a problem the organization needs to solve. There may be many problems, and the leader extricates one to start.
  • The leader explores options with the people involved. Often, the leader asks this question, “What is the smallest change we can make?” Sometimes, it's about measuring something the people have not measured before.
  • The leader builds a collaborative and safe environment for everyone to solve this problem. Especially in agile, we need to work with a team, across the organization to solve the problem. Or, to uncover the next issue.
  • The leader and the team adapts to the current state, as the leader takes the next problem.

Agile leaders require problem identification skills, coaching, and influence skills. Sometimes, problem identification is the most difficult part.

If this sounds like you, please join us in the next Influential Agile Leader workshop. We will explore ways you can see the problems in your organization, how to select one, and what you might do. We practice coaching and influence so you can return to your organization with possibilities that might work for you.

The full series:

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