Blogging at AYE

Ron, Laurent, Dale, Willem, Esther and I are all together at AYE – we’re having a blogging BOF.

We discussed things that stood out for us at the AYE conference: facilitating a panel, the presentation workshop, working with Jean McLendon, how difficult electronic room keys are to keep track of…

Laurent: thanks to Johanna for providing a laptop and dial-up connection ! I’ve attended two sessions so far – one on “Conscious choices for change”, one led by Jean McLendon on Satir system coaching… but what has been nagging at me in the background is how annoying these electronic card keys are. It takes a few seconds to open a door with a regular key – with the electronic equivalent it takes three tries and five minutes, because you have to fit the card into the slot just so and I haven’t gotten good at that yet. Why adopt a new system that’s worse than the one we had before ? That’s another topic that was covered at AYE – “What does it take to really improve things around here ?”

Esther Derby here, really much to tired to blog.

[ronpih] What stood out for me today was the afternoon session I attended on doing presentations. The presenters were Johanna and Naomi Karten. I myself wimped out and didn’t deliver the presentation that I prepared but I learned a lot about doing presentations from the folks that did deliver their presentations.

I’m also a little bummed that I didn’t set up the computer I brought to be able to write to my own blog but I’ll be taking notes and posting once I get home

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