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I need some help with my blog template. Now that I've moved to each-entry-is-its-own-page, the individual entries are vertically centered on a page. That means you need to page down to see the entry. I'd prefer to have the entry at the top. I thought I had a “valign” somewhere, but I can't see it. My younger daughter is away, so I can't use her to review my html. So I'm asking for help. If any of you would like to help me find my defect, I'd appreciate it.

Later (July 27): I received help yesterday and fixed things. I appreciate you, Manuel, for seeing what I couldn't. In case the rest of you are wondering, I was missing a valign.

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  1. You need to add [valign=”top”] to the table cell that contains the blog post.
    It looks like you’ll find the opening tag for that cell right after the code that inserts the “I Power Blogger” button. Search for the string “bloggerbutton1.gif”, and you’ll find right underneath it the tag <td bgcolor=”white”> — which should instead read <td bgcolor=”white” valign=”top”>

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