Moved Email Subscriptions to Feedblitz

A number of people still subscribe to this blog with an email subscription. I had used Bloglet to do process the emails, but the service didn’t always work. And to be fair, Bloglet was a free labor of love 🙂

I’m now using Feedblitz, assuming I didn’t make any mistakes. As always, feel free to use an RSS reader insteaf of emails. But if you like emails, Feedblitz should work.

3 Replies to “Moved Email Subscriptions to Feedblitz”

  1. Hi
    I tried to subscribe again and I feel how complicated the programes are. I don’t know why. May be the way you’ve done to protect your website. If I can regist the member, I think I can have lucky in the end of this year.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Nit Opastirakul.

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