Slides Posted from "Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour"

I spent the most recent four weeks conferencing. I had a blast. Because I kept traveling, I nicknamed this series of conferences my “Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour.” I’ve posted the slides on

Oct 24-Oct 28, I was in Vancouver, BC at Much Ado About Agile 2011. I delivered a keynote entitled, “Where is Agile Going?” The theme of the conference was “The Elephant in the Room.”

The following week, Oct 30-Nov 4, I was a host and session leader at the AYE Conference, Cary, NC. No slides. If you participated in the conference, keep an eye on our wiki for our pdfs.

Then, I flew across the Atlantic and traveled to  Oredev, in Malmo, Sweden for the conference Nov 7-11. I gave a talk about Managing for Collaboration from the management perspective (as opposed to the program management perspective). I also gave an updated version of my Agile Portfolio Planning: Managing Your Project Portfolio.

Then I took the train back to Copenhagen and flew to Berlin (and took a taxi to Potsdam) for Agile Testing Days, Nov 14-17. My keynote was Agile Testing and Test Management. Of course, I have ideas about how to make it better, so I hope to repeat it sometime.

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