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Posted: What Is A Professional?

I write a twice-yearly column for Better Software magazine. The title of the column is called “Technically Speaking.” For this column, I decide to tackle the question of “What’s a Professional?” If you don’t already subscribe to the magazine, you do have to join the site. It’s a free registration to join.

Slides Posted from "Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour"

I spent the most recent four weeks conferencing. I had a blast. Because I kept traveling, I nicknamed this series of conferences my “Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour.” I’ve posted the slides on Oct 24-Oct 28, I was in Vancouver, BC at Much Ado About Agile 2011. I delivered a keynote entitled, “Where is Agile …

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Testers Shine on Agile Projects

A Project Manager Described his Recent Agile Project in this Way: Agile practices helped us know where we were the whole way through the project, but we had a side benefit I hadn’t anticipated. The testers drove the project. In every other project I’ve managed, the testers were downtrodden, always complaining about the time they …

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