Management Myth About "No Time for Training" Posted

I have another management myth posted on Stickyminds. This one is about training. “Management Myth #9: We Have No Time for Training” is up on the site.

Now, I have to admit, that when I was a new manager, I fell for this myth. Oh, I knew enough to make sure that we had lunch-and-learns. I knew enough to make sure we learned from people inside the organization. I knew enough to buy books. But it took one of my testers, Meredith, to poke at me to go to a Star conference because she thought we were being too insular with our testing. She was right.

You know what's really funny? Today, I'm keynoting at another Star conference. That's because I take my own advice and don't stop learning and training myself.

So, read the article. Then plan your self-improvement!

Meredith, I appreciate you for nudging and poking me all those years ago. I'm not sure I ever said that to you. It's time I did!

1 thought on “Management Myth About "No Time for Training" Posted”

  1. I invest somewhere between 10% and 20% of my revenue on improving myself.
    in all kind of ways:

    – training
    – books
    – webcasts
    – writing myself
    – doing online collaborations

    it’s very tempting to say no to learning
    Maybe even more as a consultant then as an employer.

    And I think employees should also invest in themselves. If you don’t do it yourself, why would someone else do it?

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