Creating an Environment for Success

Esther's here with me this week. We're revamping our book based on early feedback from our reviewers. We're focusing on the core skills of managers. Of course, prioritization is in the book. In addition, we're addressing how to speak the language of the business (to get things done through others), how to give feedback, one-on-ones, managing the project portfolio, effective group meetings, how to gain visibility into the work, and how to report status. Right now, we have a chapter on hiring also, but I'm not sure it will stay in the book.

Our challenge this week are to write so that the book is snappy and fun to read. (For your writers, that means our rule of thumb is to eliminate bullet lists 🙂 Both of us can do that; it's harder together. Our future challenge will be to include only what needs to be included in the book. Another example of how little you can do and still create something of value.

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