Announcement: Project Portfolio Book is in Beta

The project portfolio book is in Beta! For those of you who have not heard of a Pragmatic Bookshelf Beta book, here are the limitations:

  • It's not laid out correctly
  • Although I've looked for typos, I have not discovered and fixed them all
  • The bibliography is not yet included (it will be on later betas, but not this one)
  • Not all the chapters are there (yes, I have drafts, but the drafts are not ready for beta)
  • It could be wrong in places! (For example, Daniel pointed out to me the other day that I had defined double elimination incorrectly. Sigh.)

On the other hand, if you would like to see the book evolve, I invite you to participate in the beta. I already have errata which I will be fixing between the coughing and sneezing of my “vacation” cold.

4 Replies to “Announcement: Project Portfolio Book is in Beta”

  1. I was honored to have the opportunity to review “Manage It!” prior to publication. Hopefully, I will be asked to provide feedback on this book as well. At any rate, it is eagerly awaited.

  2. I loved “Manage IT” and also attended a presentation you made on the same theme at a PMI meeting. My favorite phrase has become “Hope is not a strategy” thanks to you!

    Would welcome the opportunity to provide feedback on your new venture…..a critical area of IT/Business alignment that needs to happen a lot better than it does now.

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