Announcing Peer Project Portfolio Coaching

If you missed my most recent Pragmatic Manager newsletter, Focus on One Thing at a Time, it's posted. In it, I ranted about the delays of multitasking and introduced a new service: Peer Project Portfolio Coaching.

I keep seeing people trying to make the transition to agile, still multitasking and not able to say No to all those projects–at all levels of the organization. Partly, it's because they don't have the tools, which is why we're talking about the project portfolio. Partly, it's because they don't have the language, which is why we're talking about how to say No. And, partly, because they have rules about should they even say No. Or, they have guilt about saying No. Or, any number of other reasons.

If you are one of these people who knows you can't quite do it all, and are not sure how to organize or say No, sign up now and take advantage of the early bird pricing.

If you are a leadership team who has trouble with the sunk-cost problem (“we already spent so much money, surely we'll see some return soon”), talk to me, and we'll decide if group coaching is right or if you need your own private coaching.

Please join us.

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