Pragmatic Manager Posted: Are Your Shoulds Driving Your Decisions

I posted my most recent Pragmatic Manager: Are Your “Shoulds” Driving Your Decisions?

Yes, in case you couldn't tell, I am doing a series on project portfolio management, so that you do take a look at my Peer Project Portfolio Coaching. Several people took advantage of the early bird pricing. We're in the not-quite-early-bird pricing now. And, if you sign up with a buddy, you can still get early bird pricing for the two of you. It's a steal.

If you are struggling with too much to do, sign up. If you are overwhelmed with your workload, sign up. If you are trying to do it all, sign up. You cannot succeed. You are making yourself crazy.

We will use agile and lean approaches and help you overcome the guilt, the sunk cost syndrome, and the “you're not playing with the team” nonsense that other people will pull on you. You'll get the support you need from your peers.

Join us. You won't be sorry.

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