Taking Requests for New Edition of Manage Your Project Portfolio

Manage Your Project PortfolioI am about to update Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects to a second edition.

What would you like me to add? To remove? To change? What have your challenges been about project portfolio management?

Here are things I'm planning to add:

  • Many more kanban views of the project portfolio and some words about visualization.
  • Discussion (or more than one) about Cost of Delay.
  • How a project's product backlog is not the same as an organization's project portfolio.
  • More discussion about what you optimize and why.

What else would you like to see? Please either comment or send me email. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Taking Requests for New Edition of Manage Your Project Portfolio”

  1. Hey Johanna – Something I’ve found extremely useful in both program and portfolio management and scaling agile principles is applying the CLEAR concept. At each level of a portfolio we are Collaborative, Lean, Evolving, Adaptable and Reportable. There are specific deep-dives for each category at each program/portfolio layer but it scales agility better than forcing a framework while focusing on Agile principles and not ceremonies. Hope this helps in some small way!

    1. Bob, lovely. (Hmm, you will love my program management book 🙂 I’ll send you a separate email re where you got that concept from and how I credit it. Thanks.

  2. Hi Johanna, that’s a good list you have there. I would add “self organization”. it’s quite a while since I read the original edition but I do remember wishing for signs of it in the early chapters, wondering what place there was for it amid the spreadsheets of people’s names and the work on their respective plates. How do you allow individuals to “pull” work? To what extent are teams allowed to respond as they choose to current workload and even to decide what’s next? Should the portfolio manager even care? Bigger picture still, how do you recognize that organizational structures are out of balance with demand or getting in the way? That sort of thing. Perhaps it was there all along but needed highlighting sooner, it’s too long ago…

    1. Mike, good catch! You are right. Too many senior managers still want to tell people what to do. While, we do want guidance from managers about the organization’s needs, the product owners and team members often know as much (or more) about what work they should do for maximum throughput and especially how to do the work. I will think about how to say that.

      Yes, the organization structures is a piece I had not considered before. I now see more “strangeness” than I thought possible. Your term, “out of balance” is a nice way to describe it.

      Thank you.

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