Creating Faster Cheaper Projects


Performing projects faster and cheaper seems to be the holy grail for most organizations. Here's the secret: If you really want to perform projects faster and/or cheaper, start them earlier.

  • When you start projects early, you can assign fewer people, so the costs start off lower.
  • When you start the project early, you can maintain a reasonable pace, which leads to on-time completion. (The more frenetic a project is, the less likely it can complete on time. Frenetic people are not able to think as clearly as people who are working at a reasonable pace.)
  • Since there are fewer people on a project, more people are available for other work, which cancels the need for multi-tasking.
  • Without multi-tasking, you complete the project faster, because people are focused on just one project at a time.

So if you really do want faster cheaper projects, start them early. Easy to say, not so easy to do.

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