Cleaning Up the Office, Round 3: A Slightly Agile Approach

I reported on my progress cleaning up my office Cleaning Up the Office, Round 2. I hadn’t let it get that bad since that round of organizing, but I did ask for help from Daughter #2 in May, to buy some bins and drawers to continue my never-ending attempts to stay organized.

The past 8 months, I’ve traveled about half time and finished a book. Either of those events means my surface organization goes downhill, but my office was not a disaster. (Mark disagrees with my assessment. 🙂 Wednesday, Daughter #2 and I attacked the part of my office I had not yet organized: my desk and a bookshelf of supplies I use frequently. (The bins and drawers for the travel and workshop material was working quite well. I’d updated and refined that over the last few months.)

I only had three bags of recycling. Once we bought some bins, I could organize the pens, stickies, and pads I use, so now everything has a place.

There is no way I could have done a BDUF to really know what I needed or how to organize. I had to evolve my organization, based on how I work. I was willing to change some of my workflow, but not all.

When you’re developing a system in which people work, such as an office, or a kitchen, or–gasp–a software system, make sure you build in feedback-from-the-customer time. I had to live with my office to see what was working and what wasn’t. So will your customers. The result will be worth it.

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