If you haven’t read the classic Places to Intervene in a System, take a little time and do so. My colleague Don Gray has written an afterword that relates the article to software product development.

I’m realizing that the way I do assessments uses these interventions. I have to think more about how to write that, so that will be a later post.

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  1. Wayne, *in my experience*, no, the Six Sigma folks do not measure feedback times. I’m a big fan of Fault Feedback Ratio. I tried to introduce that to a Six Sigma program I was consulting with and they told me that data was “irrelevant.” I’m mystified.
    Too often the numbers that people produce are not predictive, which is why they are not useful to measure. The numbers that are predictive are useful to measure.
    And, read Don’s afterword.

  2. I am only partway through the article and had to solicit more comments.
    Are any of you involved in Six Sigma stuff? What are your thoughts on the comment “Mostly, the numbers are not worth the sweat put into them.” and Meadows reasons for saying so? Is Six Sigma concerned with measuring time to feedback?

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