What Would You Like in a 3-Hour PM Workshop?


I'm thrilled to be going back to the Softed folks (in Wellington, Auckland, and Sydney) who are doing a project management conference next March. I'm working out with them what topics I'll be covering. I have a 3-hour workshop in the afternoon. It's enough time to cover a couple of topics with interactions and experiences, but not enough to do a huge amount. If you had the chance to work with me for 3 hours, what would you like? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

2 thoughts on “What Would You Like in a 3-Hour PM Workshop?”

  1. One of the most interesting topics I’ve seen on this site is your analysis of which methodology to choose for a project. I would like to explore your criteria and reasoning for choosing waterfall, iterative, agile, etc., and what some of the benefits or pitfalls might be.

  2. Timeboxing seems to be a natural canidate. We never have enough time (as we never have enough money 🙂 and in fact it doesn’t matter if it’s three hours, days, months or years. If we take Tom DeMarco seriously we have to be prepared to be at the best 20% wrong with all our estimations. Preparing an initial wish list, prioritizing, budgeting (45 minutes timebox for each lesson), descoping, and learning (5 minutes retrospective after each lesson) – all these things you can teach then in a form of interactve planning of your workshop. This planning game will obviously be the first (45 mins or even less) timebox.

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