One Week Remaining for Super-Early-Bird Registration for Product Owner and Writing Workshops

I have two online workshops starting in late August:

If you have been reading the estimations posts and are wondering, “How do I help my project deliver something every day or more often,” you should register for the workshop. We'll discuss what your role is, how to plan for the future and the present, how to decide what features to do when, how to know when a feature is done, and tips and traps. See Practical Product Owner Workshop: Deliver What Your Customers Need for more details.

If you like the way I write (regardless of whether you agree with me), and you need to write more for your job or to help your business, take my Non-Fiction Writing Workshop: Write Non-Fiction to Enhance Your Business and Reputation. That workshop is about building a writing habit, learning the separate parts of pre-writing, writing, editing, and publishing. We'll address your specific writing challenges, concerns, and fears. I'm the only one who will read your work, so no worries about other people seeing your writing.

Super-early-bird registration for both workshops ends June 17, 2016. I hope you decide to join us.

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