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In this issue of Better Software, I have the featured article, No More Second Class Testers! and Frank Patrick has a great article, “Promises and Prescriptions, How the Theory of Constraints can help cure common project ailments.” I can’t give you a URL to Frank’s article, but maybe in a month or so he’ll post the article on his web site, and you can see it then. Here are some gems (all quoted from the article):

  • “Get rid of task due dates. The only dates that count are those promised outside the project.”
  • “At the project task level, don’t allow yourself to be bullied into multi-tasking behaviors.”
  • “Plan for the need to plan along the way.”

It’s a great article. I hope you read it.

If you normally read this blog via bloglet, be aware that bloglet keeps marking my blog as unreadable. I have no idea why. I fix it every day, and the next day it’s broken again. Grr. Maybe today is the lucky day.

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