How's That Working For You?


Esther, in her Get out of your way! post describes a situation where by our behaviors, we cause the thing we don't want to happen. It happened to me this week.

I've been working on the PM book, and I've been struggling with the lifecycle chapter for a couple of months now. Probably longer, since I knew I was struggling in mid-October, and I'd already been messing with it for longer than that. I drew more pictures, wrote more text, and it still wasn't working. I finally asked for feedback from Esther and Andy.

I'm so glad I did. They were able to articulate what's not working with this chapter. I'll be rewriting it, as soon as I have a few things worked out in my head (I have a few other things to finish first).

But that's my pattern–to wait too long for review. First I struggle with the writing, adding more words and pictures. Even when I edit, I add more. How's that working for me? Not well šŸ™

The thing I don't want to happen is to be late with the first draft of the book. But by not asking for help earlier, I might cause that to happen. (We'll see. I'm in danger of being late, and I'm in danger of making my deadline. I can't actually tell where I am in the schedule, and won't know for another couple of days.)

If you're in a position where things aren't quite working, Esther's question, “How's that working for you?” might jolt you out of your self-reassurances that things are just fine. It worked for me.

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  1. Johanna,
    I am an avid reader of your blogs. There is much to know and beware about managing people and products.
    Recently, I have been faced with a similar situation but I did not get any support from my Manager except the usual strangulation. I had to claw myself out of the hole.
    I hope to finish that document and send to him though it may not bring the expected reward as it is already late.
    It is really intriguing how a fluent speaker could have a writers block?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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