Meeting Daniel In-Person

I am very fortunate. I had Daniel Steinberg as my editor for Manage It! and for Manage Your Project Portfolio. We’ve learned how to work together well, and we enjoy working with each other. (Well, I *love* working with him 🙂  I suspect know sometimes I’m a huge pain.) We’d never met, and this past weeekend, we did.

Daniel and Johanna meet in person

Daniel and Johanna meet in person

As you can tell from my wide smile, I was pretty psyched.

Hey Daniel, lunch and visiting was great.

And for those of you waiting for Manage Your Project Portfolio, any day now…

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  1. Dwayne Phillips

    I’m waiting for the book.

    And it is wonderful to meet people face to face. Here is hoping I can make it to AYE this year.


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