Agile 2009 is Here!

Agile 2009 starts today. I am so excited. (I know, I've been saying that a lot. Well, I am 🙂

The event planners, Elastic Communications have been on top of everything and are making the whole conference come together. Open Jam looks great, with small tables and some comfy couches all over. The rooms get set up today (some are already set up and the whole conference will be set up by this afternoon). Muzik Masti opens at 5:30 t0day, and the icebreaker, with the Fresher's Faire starts at 7pm.

I've started to catch up with old friends, and have put some faces to names I already know.

My part is almost done. I have some introductions and welcomes and thank yous at general sessions, but I can go to sessions when I want. What a great feeling.

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