Advise, Influence, and Serve Clients for Mutual Profit: (Re)Start Your Consulting Practice

NOTE: The January 2020 cohort is now full. 

Would you like to advise, influence and serve clients so you both win?

I started my consulting business because I tend to change faster than a single company can. That's not always so great as an employee. As a consultant, I can use my “bug” and turn that into a feature.

I learned to become a successful consultant. While I have remained true to the core of my business, I've changed/reinvented how I work. I've also changed my offerings over the past 25 years.  I don't change my core mission: to help people manage their product development.

Most successful consultants change over time, also.

If you want to become a successful consultant and create a successful consulting practice, consider this workshop.

This (inaugural) class will help you decide how to create a consulting business that works for you.


Here's the rough outline.  You'll have homework each week.

  1. Business basics: online presence and how to start your marketing before you start consulting. Understand various business horizons.
  2. Define what success means for you. Review your earlier decisions, to see if you need to change anything. (You offer value with the problems you want to solve and how you  want to work.)
  3. The interplay of various marketing mechanisms. Why you need to speak and write. Ways you might speak and write. Review your earlier decisions.
  4. Define your products and services: your ideal client and the ways those clients will find you. This intersects with what success means.
  5. Proposals, fees, and terms. How to write a proposal that will improve your chances of “yes.” How to set your fees and your terms. Does this change anything about what success means, your ideal clients and the products/services you offer?
  6. Manage your money so it doesn't manage you.
  7. Why you need your family to support you and actions you might need to take. Reassess your current decisions.
  8. More about marketing and assess your homework/decisions.
  9. Sales funnels. How your strategy will help you create a shorter or longer funnel. (Shorter funnels are about commodity work. Longer funnels tend to be more lucrative and are unique to you.
  10. How to do something every day to get clients.


You'll send me pre-work in late December/early January. We'll start our work together the week of January 13, 2020.

We'll have a weekly or biweekly call, depending on how long the homework takes for the first ten weeks or so. We'll then move to biweekly calls. I suspect my estimate of what we can accomplish in a given week is wrong.

We'll use a Slack community to discuss issues, challenges, questions.

I expect us to work as a cohort for six months. Maybe longer. I'm not planning on leaving!

Outcomes You Can Expect

  1. A decision-based approach to assessing and creating new opportunities.
  2. How to market on a regular basis.
  3. How to create proposals that have a good chance of getting to a Yes.
  4. How to ask for referrals.
  5. How to create a consulting company that helps your clients and sustains you.

There might be more. That's why this is an inaugural class.

Is this for you?

I have criteria for this inaugural workshop:

  1. You are willing to start/restart an email list.
  2. You are willing to (re)create your web site where you own your own domain.
  3. You want to be independent, not be a subcontractor or use a headhunter to get business. (You might start that way. You don't want to stay that way.)

If you're interested, email me. I'm limiting this class to 9 people, maximum. That's why I'm not offering public signup at this point.

As of Dec 25, 2019: This initial cohort is full. I will experiment with these kind people and decide what to do next.