Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects Workshop

Workshop Objective: You've started the transition to Scrum or some other agile lifecycle for your projects. You can see that it's working well for the teams. And, now you realize you still have problems. You still have emergency projects. Or, you have emergency fixes. Or, you have specialists that have to be on more than one project at a time. Even when the teams finish an iteration, they don't feel as if they are really done.  You have too many simultaneous projects that the teams are supposed to do in one iteration. The team members look at you, their managers, and ask, “I thought agile would make my life easier. Why is it harder?” This workshop is based on my book, Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects.

Workshop Overview: This interactive and experiential workshop teaches you what a project portfolio is, how to develop and maintain it. You will learn about agile and lean approaches to the project portfolio and how that affects your project management. We’ll discuss how to create a portfolio at any level of the organization, how to evaluate your projects, and several ways of ranking the project portfolio. The hard part of project portfolio management is coming to agreement and staying there, so we’ll address how to collaborate on the portfolio and how to say no.

Once you have a portfolio, you’ll need to iterate, make other decisions and evolve the portfolio. We’ll discuss what you need to measure to make effective decisions. We will spend time on how to start and maintain the project portfolio effort. Each of these sections has activities built in, so you have a chance to practice as you proceed.

Target Audience: Leadership teams, PMO, Program Managers, Project Managers, Functional Managers (any technical function), Technical leads.

Prerequisites: One year in a leadership role, either technical or managerial.

Workshop Duration: 2 days. Optional for in-house workshops: We can work together in advance to collect the work and then use the workshop to produce a workable project portfolio. Or, we can use the workshop as a teaching mechanism so you can create your own portfolio. I'm open to these or other ideas.

Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction: Meet Your Project Portfolio
  2. Why you need to care about the project portfolio:
    1. How lean and agile help
    2. Know your influence level
  3. Create Your First Draft Portfolio
    1. Collecting all the work
    2. Knowing where you have projects and programs
  4. Evaluate Your Projects:
    1. Should we do this project at all?
    2. Commit/kill/transform decision
  5. Rank the Portfolio and why ROI does not work
  6. Collaborate on the Portfolio:
    1. Build trust
    2. How to say No
  7. Barriers to collaboration
  8. Iterate on the Portfolio
  9. Defend the portfolio
  10. Make Portfolio Decisions
  11. Evolve Your Portfolio
  12. Measure the Essentials:
    1. Project/Program Measures
    2. Project Portfolio Measures
  13. Define Your Mission
  14. How to start
  15. Summary and feedback

Contact me for the extended description or to book this workshop.

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