Workshop: Creating an Agile Leadership Team

Workshop Objective: You may have started with technical component teams long ago. You were all responsible for your own teams, as technical leaders. It made sense then. Now, you need to work together, in an agile or lean organization. This workshop will help you learn how to be technical problem-solving leaders, as a team, in your organization.

Workshop Overview: If you are on your agile journey, you understand the problems of learning how to work in features, delivering value, and iterating on the product.  If the technical leadership of the organization doesn't change, how can you help the technical people learn how to deliver? It's a problem.

You need to create your own leadership team. You may be organized as component managers, because it made sense at one time. You may be organized as functional managers because it made sense at one time. You may have some other organization that made sense at one time. But the organization is not what prevents you from changing the organization to agile. You need to lead the organization's approach to agile. You, the leadership team can do it.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to become a leadership team. You will learn how communication works and can go awry, what your organization's charter could be, and how to be an empowering technical leader–with the emphasis on leadership. You will build your next quarter's roadmap/project portfolio so you have a start. You will identify problems and either solve them or identify potential solutions for when you return to work.

You will learn by doing in this experiential workshop. You will gain pragmatic and practical experience you will be able to use when you get back to work.

Target Audience: Technical leadership teams who want to assist their agile/lean transitions.

Prerequisites: experience with an agile transition..

Workshop Duration: 2 days.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Introductions
    1. Overview
    2. Review of prework
  2. Ground rules and working agreements
  3. Learn about yourselves
    1. How do you work and work
    2. Activity
  4. Interaction model
    1. How we communicate
    2. How communication goes awry
    3. Activity and debrief
  5. Create your organization's mission and charter
    1. Great mission statements
    2. Create your mission statement
    3. Activity and debrief
    4. Create your working charter
    5. Debrief
  6. How you exhibit technical leadership
    1. What leadership is and why it matters
    2. Creating the leadership environment
    3. Activity and debrief
    4. When people are in the wrong position
    5. Activity and debrief
  7. How to make things work in your environment
    1. What are the barriers to your success?
    2. Action plans
    3. Debrief
  8. Build the project portfolio/roadmap
    1. What initiatives do you need for your teams?
    2. Debrief
  9. Align goals with groups and projects
    1. How does work arrive?
    2. Do you need to schedule internal projects so you succeed?
    3. Resolve what fits/doesn't fit
    4. Debrief
  10. Wrap-up/Debrief


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