Workshop: Influence and Authority: Using Your Personal Power to Get Things Done

Workshop Objective: We use influence all the time at work. If you have tried and not been as successful as you like, it’s time to take the next step and learn to discover your personal power and use your influence to accomplish all that you can.

Workshop Overview: There is a limit to what we can accomplish alone in the organization. To accomplish what we want, we must work with other people. That often means using influence. How do we do that without feeling smarmy?

Using the ideas of congruence, building rapport, building long-term and short-term solutions are all ideas that work. In addition, understanding your personal power and how that fits into the organization’s culture can help you a lot. We will explore all of these aspects of influence through interactions in this workshop.

Target Audience: Managers, project managers, Scrum Masters, iteration managers, business stakeholders and anyone working collaboratively across the organization.

Prerequisites: Work experience.

Workshop Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Elicit your specific problems now
  2. Prerequisites for influence
    1. Competence
    2. Trustworthiness
    3. Rapport
    4. Activity and debrief
  3. Influence with Integrity
    1. Explain the model
    2. Activity: Speed influence and debrief
  4. Where does your personal power arise?
    1. Axes of your personal power
    2. Discussion
    3. Activity and debrief
  5. Your organization’s approach to power and influence
    1. Discussion and chart your organization’s approach to power and influence
    2. Debrief
    3. What that means for your approach to influence
    4. Debrief
    5. Activity: Speed influence and debrief
  6. Summary and wrap-up
    1. Retrospective and debrief


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