Ann: Manage Your Job Search Webinar

I'm doing a webinar on July 2 about finding a job: Manage Your Job Search Webinar .

Manage Your Job SearchHere's the description:

Searching for a job is a big, complex, and scary prospect. You don’t have control over the end date, so it’s an emergent project. How do you regain control? By using personal kanban inside one week timeboxes and reflecting on your progress.

Personal kanban can help you manage your work, keep your WIP small, and visualize what to do. But personal kanban is not enough, even with purposeful reflection. A job seeker needs the growth mindset—the agile mindset—to persist in building a target list and networking list.

Too many people don’t realize how to network. They think that “spray-and-pray” works for résumés, online, and in-person networking. That wastes time. You also need an agile approach, try a little something and getting some feedback to your networking.

Building a targeted list requires knowing your purpose, knowing who your target list might be, articulating the value of your previous accomplishments, how to ask for feedback, purposeful reflection and the growth mindset.

In this webinar, I'll explain the basics of personal kanban. I'll provide you an introduction to background networking and how that differs from targeted networking. Bring your notebook and a pen. You’ll learn enough to use this session to manage your job search now and in the future.

I hope you join me on the webinar.

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