Webinar Recording Available, Last Day for Early Registration for Workshop

Shane and I recorded a webinar at noon today, about our Geographically Distributed Agile Teams workshop. We had a great time, and answered a lot of questions. We had a few recording glitches, so if you hear me talking over Shane, oops. To me, it sounded as if he was not talking. There is a …

Make Your Phone Screens More Effective

I’m doing a webinar Thursday, May 17 for Kennedy. See Using Behavior Description Questions in Phone Screens. I am expecting to take questions and help people convert their essential technical skill, non-technical skill, and elimination questions into behavior-description questions. I hope you decide to join me. Labels: phone screen, webinar

Join Me for An Audio Conference Aug. 10, 2006

I’m very pleased to be speaking at another Kennedy Audio Conference. See information at Building a Hiring Strategy.You’ve noticed that I’ve been blogging about some of the hiring strategies. Well, there are 12 strategies that I’ve noticed, and I won’t blog about the rest until after the audio conference. I do hope you join me.

Webconference on Cultural Fit, 2/10/05

I’m presenting a webconference on Thursday, Feb 10, 2005 (EST) via Kennedy Information called “Detecting and Resolving Cultural Fit Issues.” Here’s the information and signup page. I’ll be discussing: The myth of “corporate” culture as the only culture you need to care about Five key areas to probe for culture issues How to use context-free …

Creating On-Target High Tech Job Descriptions

In December, I presented a webcast called “Creating On-Target High Tech Job Descriptions for High Tech Workers”. I could have titled it “11 Questions for Analyzing a Job” 🙂 The PDF is here. Remember, it’s a presentation, not an article. So if you’re confused, please ask me questions.