Announcing a New Book: Manage Your Job Search

I have released a beta book, Manage Your Job Search: Reduce Your Overwhelm, Focus Your Search, and Get Your Next Job!

While I was writing and updating Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, second edition, I realized that my advice wasn’t precisely opposite for people who were searching for jobs. It’s too easy to become lost in the find-your-job project.

For those of you who are kanban and agile-knowledgeable, I suggest using personal kanban and one-week iterations to manage your job search project. For those of you who didn’t understand what I said, don’t worry. I explain how to chunk your job search into bite-size chunks, so you don’t feel as if you are swinging from tree to tree, worrying where the next darn banana is.

I offer significant networking tips, job search tips and traps, specific tips for those who are new to the job market, and those who are over 50. And, a chapter of traps for all, because we all face job search traps.

You’ll notice the book does not have a nice cover. That’s because it’s a beta book. I don’t even know if I have the final title. I have not gone through copyediting. (Yikes!) There are pieces missing. It’s a beta book. That’s why you can only buy it on leanpub.

Until I know I have all the kinks out, it will only be available on leanpub, in epub, mobi, and pdf formats. So you can read it now in all electronic readers. Once I know I have the correct title, and that the contents are right, I’ll have it copyedited. I’ll release it to Amazon and the other stores, and to hardcopy.

I’m experimenting with lean publishing. It’s pushing all my perfection rules. But it’s a beta book. So I’m giving myself permission to make mistakes in order to give you value. I hope it’s worth it. Please do provide me feedback.

If you are looking for a job, please buy your own copy of Manage Your Job Search: Reduce Your Overwhelm, Focus Your Search, and Get Your Next Job! and let me know.

2 Replies to “Announcing a New Book: Manage Your Job Search”

  1. Very exciting. Not that I’m looking for a new job now or anytime soon. If I were to purchase the beta book, what sort of feedback would be most helpful?

    1. Shannon and anyone else who is thinking of providing feedback:
      1. What is missing that you need, aside from the obvious. Some of my “What to do Next”s are missing what to do’s. That’s because I either don’t know what to suggest or I haven’t thought about it.
      2. Do you need other tips, or have you fallen into different traps?
      3. Are you missing different networking opportunities?
      4. Have I missed egregious errors?

      Does the title fit?

      Things like that.

      Thanks for asking.

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