Overcoming Perfection Rules

I have a tough time with my perfection rules. I want to be perfect. I’m not, of course. I want to be.

So using leanpub and publishing early and often pushes me way out of my comfort zone. Which is why you haven’t heard anything from me about my book under development up until now. Yesterday, I announced the beta of my newest book Manage Your Job Search: Reduce Your Overwhelm, Focus Your Search, and Get Your Next Job!

I couldn’t just push the button and publish. Oh no, no, no. I had to make it a beta, because it’s not done. It’s not even close. Oh, more than the outline of the book is there. The networking chapter is great. How to use personal kanban is great. Much of how you reflect on the past week is great. The tips and traps are great. And, I know they are not complete, which is making me nuts.

That’s not all that’s making me nuts. The copyediting is not done. The layout is not done. The what to do now is not done. I need feedback from readers to know what to do next, which is why I needed to publish, and oh boy, it’s not perfect. That’s why I don’t have a real cover, because I don’t know that I have the correct title. How do I balance my perfection rules against the need for feedback?

Beta! Especially if I explain that it’s a beta book. That’s what I did in my announcement yesterday. I was able to balance my need for perfection against my need for feedback.

I bet my fellow leanpub authors are delighted to not have to hear the teenage drama queen angst on the leanpub list anymore. I will get the feedback I need. I will be able to perfect the book from people looking for a job. It’s a win-win.

If you are looking for a job, please do check out my new book, Manage Your Job Search: Reduce Your Overwhelm, Focus Your Search, and Get Your Next Job! It’s not perfect; it’s a beta book. I would love your feedback.

2 Replies to “Overcoming Perfection Rules”

  1. Hey Johanna,
    this is very courageous of you!

    I bought the current version of the book on leanpub and I am delighted to see that you apply Agile and Lean principles to a totally different subject: the search for a new job.

    I have created a stickie on my personal Kanban board: “Give feedback to JR”.


    1. Matthias, thank you. I look forward to your feedback. I am looking forward to clearing my WIP so I can get back to our article and blog posts! That was one of the reasons I decided to go to beta, so I could clear some WIP.

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