What Does Your response to Resumes say About Your Company?

My teenage daughter is attempting to find a job this summer. She dutifully filled out an application for a camp counselor position at a not-so-close-to-our-house camp. The idea is that she and my nephew would both work at the camp, staying at my sister’s house.

We discovered last week that the person reviewing the applications threw hers out because she wasn’t “local.” No call, no email, no contact, no nothing. We only discovered this because we were concerned interviews would be during vacation week.

My daughter is upset, but resigned that “all camps are like this.” Oh my goodness. All camps are not like this. Neither are all companies.

If you are advertising for open positions and you throw out resumes without any response, you are making assumptions that are not necessarily true. People are willing to pay for their own relocation, they’re willing to take a job at a lower salary or position. You just don’t know unless you ask.

Respond to each resume. A postcard or form email is ok. But respond.

What will my daughter say about this camp to her friends in that area? I’m not sure, but I’m unimpressed with the management so far. Being rude early in the relationship sets up a dynamic that it’s ok to be rude later in the relationship. Urk. Not a great way to start.

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