Making Jobs Attractive, Part 3: Market the Job Before the Interview

So you’ve got a job description that offers an opportunity, not a job. You’ve come to terms with how you see the value of the job. Now it’s time to start looking for people–candidates–to help fill that job.One way to make a job highly attractive is if you, the hiring manager, actively participates in the recruiting. There are several ways you can actively participate:

  • Write the ad for the job so it sounds like you.
  • Spruce up the ad on your company’s web site so it sounds attractive.
  • Make sure you’ve let everyone in your group know you’re looking. Your employee referral system might be your best ally here.
  • Attend professional group meetings where your candidates are likely to be.
  • Perform phone screens for every resume you think is a “yes” or even a “maybe” if you’re having trouble finding candidates.
  • Attend job fairs.

The more active you are in the recruiting, the more likely you are to find someone quickly who will find the job attractive–because you’re involved.

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