Making Jobs Attractive, Part 1: Offer an Opportunity

The first step in making a job attractive is to create a job that’s an opportunity for someone, not just a job (Adler). An opportunity allows people to grow in some dimension, not just do the same-old, same-old. That means you need to develop a hiring strategy, and do a job analysis so you can see what problems you need solved and the kind of person who can help solve them.Let me make that a bit more concrete. Say you’re hiring a Tier 3 support person. A Tier 3 support person is a developer who likes developing small things with close-to-immediate gratification. The great Tier 3 people don’t think that they do maintenance; they think they do small development.If you call a Tier 3 support job “support” or “maintenance” you are offering a job. If you call it something like “small, short development projects to existing products” you are offering an opportunity–especially if you structure the job so this person works withthe other developers, not just with support.I’m assuming you’re not just writing a job description like this, but that you will structure the job like this. (Never lie in a job description.) When you structure the role so that the person bridges the gap between hardcore development and hardcore support, you have a great opportunity that will attract exactly the people you want.

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