Making Jobs Attractive, Part 5: Market the Job After the Interview

So you’ve interviewed a candidate you like. The interview went well. You’re checking references, and thinking of making an offer. This time is a perfect opportunity to market the job.You haven’t finished selling during the interview until you’ve extended an offer and the candidate has accepted the offer. With any luck, you learned what the candidate wants in a job (and an offer), during the interview. If not, you’ll need to ask now.

One of the questions you can ask is, “What would it take to make you say yes to an offer?” Some hiring managers are afraid of that question, thinking it leaves them open to outrageous sums of money or other perks they can’t provide. But more often, the perks are something you can provide.

Some people want a book allowance. Some want travel money for one conference a year. (One of our AYE participants negotiated AYE attendance and travel each year as part of his package.) When I had small children, I wanted a guarantee I could leave every day at a specific time so I could pick the girls up from the after school or day care on time.

Some of you are probably saying, “Hey, JR, this isn’t marketing; it’s negotiating an offer.” You’re right. And your flexibility in making an offer is part of marketing the job.

Your organization’s flexibility is part of your marketing. That flexibility is what will make your job attractive, aside from you as a hiring manager, your team, and the work.

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