Manage Your Project Portfolio is Shipping

It's a big week for me: Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects is shipping. In the approximately 24 hours I was home, I got to touch the first books.

When I proposed this book, I wanted it to be 175 pages: long enough to be useful, but not so long that managers wouldn't read it. It's about 180 pages of text, with references and an index bringing it up to 200 pages. I'm quite pleased that I hit my goal.

The table of contents:

  1. Meet Your Project Portfolio
  2. See Your Future
  3. Create the First Draft of Your Portfolio
  4. Evaluate Your Projects
  5. Rank the Portfolio
  6. Collaborate on the Portfolio
  7. Iterate on the Portfolio
  8. Make Portfolio Decisions
  9. Evolve Your Portfolio
  10. Measure the Essentials
  11. Define Your Mission
  12. Start Somewhere …But StartPlus a glossary of terms if you're unfamiliar with agile and lean

If you have any of these problems, this book is for you:

  • You or your staff are having trouble with multitasking
  • You have many emergency projects
  • It's difficult for people to agree on goals or priorities or make strategic decisions
  • You'd like to make decisions, but somehow, as a group, you don't have the ability to do so

If you want to organize your projects and and evaluate them without getting buried under a mountain of statistics, this book is for you.�

Read part of the preface on my site, read the preface and part of the “Evaluate Your Projects” chapter on the publisher‘s site. You can buy the book and the pdf (or some combination on the publisher‘s site).

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