Podcast about the Business of Writing and Consulting

Consultants and writers share a common problem: we are business owners. That means we manage our businesses. Yes, I manage my own product development and my business.

The great Joanna Penn interviewed me and the podcast is now live: Strategy And Business Plans For Authors With Johanna Rothman.

If you write and self-publish, you should listen to Joanna. If you own a small business, you might want to listen to her, too. Much of what she discusses on The Creative Penn helps all entrepreneurs.

Why did she interview me?

We were both at a business-of-writing workshop with Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She was surprised a business consultant could have a sense of humor. (Insert eye roll here.)

We need more people with a sense of humor in this business!! If you've read any of my non-fiction books, you've encountered my sense of humor. I use humor, including calling myself the “Empress of the Universe” to help people see other options.

Joanna and I have similar names—which often makes for humor in the workshop. I introduced myself as “Johanna, not to be confused the Joanne, Joanna, and the Joan you've already met.”

On the podcast, I managed to discuss personal kanban (the transcript misspelled it!), rolling-wave planning, a little about strategy for a solo-preneur (what do you want to be known for?), and how you can adjust as you proceed. I mentioned agile approaches. She asked me a bunch about my personal blog, createadaptablelife.com, and I answered.

We had a blast. Hope you listen to Strategy And Business Plans For Authors With Johanna Rothman.

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