Enjoy an Agile Coffee About Modern Management

I had a great time on the Agile Coffee podcast, 75. Managing with Coffee. We had a great time and a wide-ranging conversation.

We spoke about a variety of issues that managers, teams, and people encounter, such as:

  • Culture and how that plays out at all levels
  • How the reward system might offer perverse incentives
  • Why I don't always subscribe to the idea of intent-based leadership
  • How we might ascribe value to seeing customer situations vs sitting in the office working on the product.

We did use the outcome word—which meant I had to drink my coffee (tea, in my case.)

We discussed several ideas from the Modern Management Made Easy books:

  • How performance reviews make an agile culture difficult, if not impossible.
  • The role of the manager: to create an environment where everyone can succeed.
  • Sometimes, the best way to get to where you want to be might be an oblique path.

I had a blast with Vic, Chris, and Ben. I hope you enjoy listening!

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