Explore Trust, Healthy Teams and More with Robby Russell on the Maintainable Podcast

On the Maintainable podcast, Robby Russell often interviews people about technical issues. Not this time!

We discussed the Modern Management Made Easy books among other topics:

  • A little about the origins of agile approaches
  • The issue of “too many meetings” and why they might need to be called something else. (See Decide When You Need to Meet, Workshop, or Write to Save Energy and Time.)
  • I ranted about how people use Slack. And why we might want to use internal project or product space to keep track of decisions.
  • Why team members don't need to move “up” to management.
  • The manager's role and how teams can work together.
  • One-on-ones.
  • How to practice management, including one-on-ones and feedback.
  • What you can do with the “old guard.”
  • Why people need to go on vacation (or retire) and what to do about the expert. And why the reward system works against what we really want.
  • How to balance our need to speak/do the work/inflict help and support the people doing the work.

I think there was more. (You know me. I always have a lot to say.)

Listen here: Johanna Rothman: No, Great Developers Aren't Destined to Be Great Managers

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