Personal Kanban and Iterations, Day 3

I've been busy crossing work off my list. And, as with all of us busy people, I'm adding more work to my list. I feel as if I've accomplished a lot this week.

PersonalKanbanDay3It's just about time to rewrite my list, because with the cross-outs, it's hard to see where I am. It's time to go to draft 2 for the workshops, which might be the final drafts for the prose. I will be revising the simulations and interactions during the week. I hope to complete them by the end of the week. I do want to complete the workshops by the end of the week. I will feel more comfortable.

I had some items pop up on my urgent queue: I did go vote.

In yesterday's post, there is a comment from Lukas, about how he likes rewriting his list, because he gets to reassess the relative rank of each item on the list when he rewrites the list.

If you use stickies, in a real personal kanban, such as I suggest in Manage Your Job Search, you pick up the stickies and put them down. Because you handle the stickies, you have a way of checking in with yourself to reassess the relative value of each item on your queue.

Okay, off to work again today. I'll check in with you again tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Johanna,
    I have a question that kind of relates to the one from Lukas. Does this list then reflect priority from top down or do you keep that in mind as you work the list. Especially as you add new tasks. I understand the most urgent is your urgent queue but there are lots of items on the other side and I would expect that some of the newer ones might trump the older ones in importance.

    1. Hi Chris, the Urgent queue always trumps everything on the left hand side of the list. I was so frantic on Monday, I didn’t order anything when I put the list together. It almost didn’t matter what I worked on, as long as I made enough progress to get enough things to done. As you can see, I did pick and choose. When I rewrite my list for next week, I will reconsider what I need to do in order. I need to complete the workshops and talks first. Then do the writing.

      As for the ones I have added to the bottom of the list, trumping the older ones in importance? No, not really. They are there because I realized I needed to do them also this week. See what I mean about my todos getting away from me? I don’t normally let that happen. But this week it did. Oh well. It happens to all of us.

      I’ll blog this in Day 5, too.

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