Looking Back at One Year of Blogging

I've been at this now for a year, and here's my mini-retrospective on my blogging:

  • What did I do well that I don't want to forget? I learned that even a small entry that helps me to think more is useful. I don't have to wait until I have completely well-formed thoughts. Pointing you to other authors is useful too.
  • What did I learn? Some of my entries are useful for turning into longer articles. Your feedback helps me learn where I should write more (because I'm too vague or because I have a lot of energy around the topic). I also learned that Frank Patrick and Hal Macomber are great reviewers. I already knew that Dale, Esther, Keith, and Laurent were great reviewers.
  • What should I do differently the next time? Make fewer mistakes 🙂 For example, I completely failed to understand the impact of spam and phishing on email and productivity. Consider taking off more on other authors.
  • What still puzzles me? I suspect I could use the blog even more for trying out things in my writing, and I'm not sure how to do that yet.
  • What do I need to discuss in greater detail? Should I convert from an RSS to ATOM feed? The conversion is easy; I can't tell if it benefits you, my readers.

In case you're wondering where these questions came from, they're from Norm Kerth's book on retrospectives. When I facilitate project retrospectives, I use these questions to focus the conversation. I'm becoming the princess of focused conversations (Esther is the Queen), so when I debrief simulations or activities in workshops, I use the focused conversation technique. To me, a year of blogging felt more like a project than a small, focused, well-contained activity.

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