Kill, Commit, or Transform Your Projects

Daniel wrote a lovely post, Kill, commit, or transform your projects over on praglife.

Keeping projects around that are not staffed, multitasking on several projects (committing to none of them), and running away from reality doesn't help anyone. The projects don't finish faster–they finish, if at all, slower. The people don't have a sense of accomplishment, they feel as if they have a never-ending mountain of work.

Sometimes, transforming a project is as simple as asking “How little can we do and still have a valuable product?” Too often, we fall into “how much” thinking, instead of how little. Sometimes, transforming a project is much bigger.

Whatever you do, don't blindly commit to projects. I'm in the process of drafting a post about that and will link it here when it's done.

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  1. I think all too often it’s easier to lie to ourselves. Assuming we can multi-task our way to success. Ultimately failing in everything.

    We don’t like to kill things off, but we do forget that perhaps there is that third option. If only we had the tools to inspect what we could commit to that is still valuable and then adapt our plan/behavior accordingly. There has to be a word for such things.

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