Manage Your Project Portfolio, 2nd Edition is Out!

Manage Your Project Portfolio, 2nd editionI am very happy to announce that Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects, 2nd edition is out!

This edition has these additions from the first edition:

  • A chapter on scaling. How do you move from a team or a couple of groups' portfolio to the entire organization?
  • Updated chapter on measurements. What do you need to see and how do you measure it?
  • A discussion of Cost of Delay for ranking.
  • Ways to discuss your strategy as a driver for defining your project portfolio
  • An entire chapter on how to visualize your project portfolio

In addition, there's a quick-start workbook available if you buy the book at the Prag site.

I'm quite excited about this edition. When I started to work on this edition, I had not realized how much my thinking and practice had evolved from just a few years ago. Wow, it's evolved a ton.

If you are trying to manage your project portfolio, you owe it to  yourself to get this book.

See the book at the Prags for print and ebook (in all formats) and a deal on the bundle of ebook and print.

If you really want to buy it at Amazon, be my guest. (You won't get the quick-start guide.)


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