Interview About Pragmatic Ways to Manage Technical Debt

I had a great time recording an interview last week with Carolyn Seaman for The interview is over at Pragmatic Ways for Your IT Team to Deal with Technical Debt. Alexandra queued us up. Carolyn and I had a great time discussing technical debt. I even managed to mention Chris Sterling's book Managing Software Debt (which I really like and still have yet to write my review).

Listen to the other interviews on the site. I found them fascinating, especially the one with Ward Cunnigham and Capers Jones.

Thanks, Carolyn and Alexandra for my interview.

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  1. Johanna, I read your interview. Your responses on the role static analysis tools and ‘technical debt at the expense of features’ are very interesting. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Raja, thanks. If you’re going to address technical debt in one area, it’s worth using a static analysis tool. But using static analysis to look at the entire code base? That’s like looking at my entire office and saying, “Boy, there’s a lot to clean up here,” when all I have to do is reorganize my desk. (My office is a perennial disaster 🙂

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